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Color Line

As Captain Renault (Claude Rains) in Casablanca says, "Round up the usual Suspects", here is a listing of the "Usual Suspects" that make up a part of the Bridge Line Staff. (Photos welcome)



  • President:  
  • John Milczarek
  • Vice President:
  • Dave Roberts
  • Treasurer:
  • John Milczarek (Acting)
  • Secretary:
  • Barb Bachorz
  • Directors:
      Jim Bachorz (Chairman)
      Chris Shepherd
      Tom McEntee
      Chuck Friderici
      Dick Silber
      Tony Rudmann
      Pete Rankin
      Tim Hodder
      Jack Murphy


  • Editor: Barb Bachorz
  • Publisher: Jim Bachorz
  • Associate Editor: Tim Hodder
  • Photo Editor: Gerry Jones
  • Columnists: Barb Bachorz, Jim Bachorz, Doug Barron, Bob Bergevin, Jim Corbett, Frank Dutton, Howard Hontz, Bob Lowe, John Milczarek, Gary Schermerhorn, Dick Silber, Rev. Walter Smith, Steve Wagner, Scott Whitney.
  • Circulation: Barb Bachorz, Jim Bachorz, Doug Barron, Dave Roberts
  • Assembly/Mail: Bob Anderson, Jim Bachorz, Doug Barron, Chuck Friderici, Chris Milczarek, John Milczarek, Dave Roberts, Tony Rudmann, Dick Silber
  • Resident Historian: Brad Peterson
  • Webmasters: John A. Shaw
  • Sales: Eric Schadow, 1990 Upper Gregg Rd., Schenectady, NY 12306

Member & Staff Photos

The three Musketeers?
The Three Musketeers?????

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Updated:  November 12, 2013

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