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If you have a photograph of a D&H car and would like to add it to the site, please contact John A. Shaw. Original photographers and contributors will be given credit with each photograph published on the site. We are looking to add at least one photograph of each type of car if they can be found. Thank you for any and all help in completing this page.

Horace Dean was an avid fan of D&H Cabooses and had been collecting photos of each he could find, either by taking the photo himself, or by obtaining a copy where ever he could. The photos on the page in large part are due to Horace and as such, this page is dedicated to his memory.

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Information supplied by: D&H Color Guide, Bob Chupka, Roger Kirkpatrick, and other contributors from the D&H E-mail Chat Group.


Numbers Vehicle
Built Origin Disposition Information and
Photo Reference
(See Key Below)
Modeling Notes
1 Dynamometer Car       D&H-277, 326  


30018 Wreck Crane          
30019 Wreck Crane       D&H-276  
30020 Wreck Crane    Industrial Brownhoist    D&HCG-121, D&H-305, 382, SIC-118  
30021  Wreck Crane    Industrial Brownhoist   D&HCG-120, IC1-92, BLB-55  
30022 Wreck Crane    Industrial Brownhoist   D&HCG-120, D&H-382  
30023 Wreck Crane    Industrial Brownhoist      
30043 Storage Car   Milk Car    D&HCG-124  
30054 Equipment Car       D&HCG-119  
30081 Idler Flat       IC1-92  
30088  Wreck Crane Gondola          
30097 Wreck Crane Tender       D&HCG-121  
30105 Wrecker's Riding Car       D&H-305  
30116 Wreck Crane Gondola       D&HCG-121  
30117 Wreck Crane Gondola        D&HCG-120  
30123 Equipment Car   From ACF #701-708 lot   D&HCG-118  
31001 Flat Car       SIC-117  
32160 Air Dumper Car  1926 Diffco    D&HCG-122, SIC-118  
32175 Air Dumper Car  1929 Diffco    D&HCG-122  
34368 Signal Car       D&HCG-117  
34399 Signal Car       D&HCG-118  
35000 Sputnik Car       D&HCG-119  
35001 Steam Crane          
35009 Steam Shovel          
35039 MOW Flat Car   Flat # 16001-16150 lot    D&HCG-123  
35051 Scale Test Car 1901 Green Island Shops     D&HCG-124  
35052  Scale Test Car 1929 Green Island Shops    D&HCG-124, IC1-93  
35053 Jordan Spreader       D&HCG-114  
35054  Jordan Spreader       D&HCG-115  
35055  Jordan Spreader          
35056 Jordan Spreader       D&HCG-114  
35057  Jordan Spreader          
35214 Safety Instruction Car   Converted from a "Minor's Coach"      
35215 Safety Instruction Car   Converted from a "Minor's Coach"   IC1-121  
35291 Gondola 1906     SIC-116  
35324 Signal Dept. Box Car   Double Sheathed Boxcar    SIC-119  
35454 36' Sand Car 1907 ACF 36' Box Car   D&HCG-124  
35465 Sand Car    USRA Car   D&HCG-125  
35505 Water Tender   300 class 4-8-4 tender   D&HCG-121  
35511 Safety Instruction Coach   Round Roof Commuter Coach   IC1-32  


10 4 Wheel Bobber Caboose   Albany & Susquehanna RR Oneonta, NY
Shrine of Brotherhood of RR Trainmen, Neahwa Park
D&HCG-30, CAB-36  
35626 Four Wheel Bobber Caboose       D&H-204  

Built by the D&H as wood sided cabooses with steel under-frames. Last significant project by the home shop boys before the major steel car purchases. Some of these survived in local and transfer service right up to Guilford. 

35700 Wood, Center cupola removed       D&HCG-32,CCH-36  
35701 Wood, Center Cupola       BG-14  
35702       Round Lake, NY 
Ice Cream Stand
D&H Chat Group  
35703       Colonie yard, Unserviceable CCH-35,36  
35704 Wood, Center Cupola       D&HCG-32, CCH-36  
35705 Wood, Center Cupola  1942  ex-boxcar built in 1907 Rouses Point
To be scrapped there.
D&H Chat Group, SIC-121  
35706 Wood, Center Cupola  1942 ex-boxcar built in 1907 Albany,  NY 
Dutch Apple Cruises, 518-463-0220
D&H Chat Group
D&HCG-33, CCH-37
35707 Wood, Center Cupola   ex-boxcar built in 1907


Cooperstown Jct, NY
Leatherstocking Railway Museum, NRHS, POB 681, Oneonta, 13820, 607-432-2429
D&H Chat Group
35708  cupola     Mayfield, PA 
Lackawanna Avenue, across from United Laminations
D&H Chat Group  
35709 wood, no cupola,     Dudley, MA 
Shield's Packing Company, from Otter Valley Railroad
D&H Chat Group  

International Wide vision built in ~'59. Delivered in the red car body with black roof and yellow separation stripe at top of sides.  35719 rebuilt sans wide vision cupola but with added bay windows due to a wreck during Guilford.

Atlas model is close but windows are different. 
35710 Steel, Wide vision,  06/59     D&HCG-34, CCH-42  
35711  Steel, Wide vision,  06/59   DL&W Depot, Marathon, NY D&H Chat Group  
35712  Steel, Wide vision,  06/59   Oneonta paired w/ W 30021 D&H Chat Group, CCH-42  
35713 Steel, Wide vision,  06/59   Paul Yorkis, 508-553-4848, GONE TO Lincoln, New Hampshire? D&HCG-34, CCH-42, BG-128, GB-32  
35714 Steel, Wide vision,  06/59   Ft. Edward
Burnt out ( stove fire)
D&H Chat Group, GIL-81  
35715 Steel, Wide vision,  06/59     D&H Color Guide  
35716 Steel, Wide vision,  06/59   Ludlow VT.
By Green Mt. RR
D&H Chat Group  
35717 Steel, Wide vision,  06/59   Kenwood
D&H Chat Group  
35718 Steel, Wide vision,  06/59     D&HCG-34  
35719  Steel, Wide vision,  06/59 rebuilt in May, 1991 as bay window Many locations
Used w/ Lucky Tie Handler job

International Bay window built ~'68. Delivered in the yellow with blue lettering scheme. Weathered poorly and were subsequently repainted red in the early seventies. Notables include the 35721 in Sesquicentennial scheme, 35722 in same scheme but with circular herald reading "bridge line to New England And Canada. 35725 wrecked and believed scrapped in Oneonta around '82-'83.   

Walther's model is close but windows are  different.
35720 Steel, Bay Window .'68 International, delivered Yellow   D&HCG-37  
35721 Steel, Bay Window .'68 International, delivered Yellow   D&HCG-36, CCH-39  
35722 Steel, Bay Window .'68 International, delivered Yellow   D&HCG-37  
35723 Steel, Bay Window .'68 International, delivered Yellow Cooperstown Jct, NY 
Leatherstocking Railway Museum, NRHS, John Dunne & Ed Nebauer, owners
D&H Chat Group  
35724 Steel, Bay Window .'68 International, delivered Yellow   D&HCG-36  
35725 Steel, Bay Window .'68 International, delivered Yellow   D&HCG-36  
35726 Steel, Bay Window .'68 International, delivered Yellow   CCH-40  
35727  Steel, Bay Window .'68 International, delivered Yellow      
35728 Steel, Bay Window   Acquired from N&W. Former Nickel Plate 400 series bay window.    D&HCG-38  
35729 Steel, Bay Window .'77 Home built bay window transfer type caboose built in Oneonta on 40' boxcar frame. Featured on one of the D&H bulletins (Company newsletter) after being built.   D&HCG-38, CCH-41  
35752       Binghamton
Yard/local use
D&H Chat Group  
35778 Wood, End Cupola       IC1-17  
35789 Wood, Cupola     CNJ Station, Market Street Square, SCRAPPED?    
35790 Wood, Center cupola     Ludlow Vt.
by Green Mt. RR
Wide Vision Caboose ex RDG are from the last order placed by the Reading company and delivered October 23, 1971. They were delivered in the number series 94110-94119 and were designated NE6's. Atlas model is spot on for this class.
35791 Wide Vision Caboose  10/71  ex-RDG 94110  Wrecked    
35792 Wide Vision Caboose  10/71  ex-RDG 94111 Ashland, NH
Paul Yorkis, 508-553-4848, Gone to Lincoln, NH?
D&H Chat Group  
35793 Wide Vision Caboose  10/71 ex-RDG 94112 Saratoga, NY
Wrecked & will scrap
D&HCG-40, CCH-41  
35794 Wide Vision Caboose  10/71 ex-RDG 94113 Cooperstown Jct, NY 
Leatherstocking Rwy Museum, NRHS, POB 681, Oneonta, 13820
D&H Chat Group  
35795 Wide Vision Caboose 10/71 ex-RDG 94114 Unknown, could be NJ40 or Dryden, NY    
35796 Wide Vision Caboose  10/71  ex-RDG 94115 NYCO siding, Willsboro, NY Essex County, owner D&H Chat Group  
35797 Wide Vision Caboose  10/71 ex-RDG 94116, Class NEa, Leesport, PA 
Reading Technical & Historical Society
D&H Chat Group  
35798 Wide Vision Caboose  10/71 ex-RDG 94117 Jim Thorpe, PA
Butch Mielke and John Stoudt, owners
35799 Wide Vision Caboose  10/71  ex-RDG 94118 Saratoga, NY
D&H Chat Group  
37800 Wide Vision Caboose  10/71  ex-RDG 94119 Unknown, could be NJ40 or Dryden, NY    
35801 Northeastern style caboose with circular porthole" windows on the ends 1945  ex LV 95105.  reportedly scrapped, Colonie, NY, 1997 D&HCG-38, CCH-41 Proto 2000 close, end windows different.
35802 Northeastern style caboose with circular porthole" windows on the ends 1945 ex LV 95109 Bought from the D&H in 1986 by John "Cully" Cullinan Rt. 7A, Sunderland, VT. D&HCG-39 Proto 2000 close, end windows different.
35803 Steel, no Cupola   rebuilt from Ore Car Port Henry
Museum Static Display
D&HCG-39, CCH-43  
35804  Steel, Bay Window  1974 built as the Southern (NO&NE) caboose X6895, it burned in 1976 was acquired, rebuilt and placed in service on May 29, 1976 Ft. Edwards
Unserviceable w/ damage
D&HCG-39, CCH-40  
35805 Old riveted bay-window  1953 ex EL(Erie) C348 built by International Niagara Frontier Chap., NRHS, North Tonawanda, NY. D&H Chat Group Athearn model is sorta close.
35806 Old riveted bay-window  1953 ex EL(Erie) C349 built by International   D&HCG-41 Athearn model is sorta close.
35807 Old riveted bay-window  1953 ex EL(Erie) C350  built by International    D&H Chat Group Athearn model is sorta close.
 Ex EL cabooses are from the last order placed by EL for cabooses from International and were delivered numbered EL C371-C380 Walthers model is close but windows are different.
35808 Steel, Bay Window 1970 ex EL C371   CCH-41   
35809 Steel, Bay Window 1970 ex EL C372 Sold to NJT 907 D&H Chat Group, CCH-41  
35810 Steel, Bay Window 1970 ex EL C373      
35811 Steel, Bay Window 1970 ex EL C374 Sold to NJT 904, Now in Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ. D&H Chat Group, GIL-83  
35812 Steel, Bay Window 1970 ex EL C375 Rouses Point
Unserviceable & will scrap
35813 Steel, Bay Window 1970 ex EL C376   CCH-40  
35814 Steel, Bay Window  1970 ex EL C377 Oneonta
Unserviceable & will scrap
D&H Chat Group  
35815 Steel, Bay Window   1970 ex EL C378 Rouses Point
OR-2, St. Lawrence & Hudson Railway
D&H Chat Group  
35816 Wood, Center Cupola 1915 ACF    SIC-120  
35816 (2nd) Steel, bay window 1970 ex EL C379 Washington Co. Fairgrounds, Rt 29, 1 mi. east of town, Schuylerville, NY    
35817 Steel, Bay Window  11/70 ex EL C380 Built by International. Sold to NJT 906 D&HCG-41  
35818 Wood, Center Cupola        SIC-89  
35819 wood, cupola,     West Barnstable, MA 
Cape Cod Stencil Company
D&H Chat Group, CCH-37  
35823 Transfer Caboose . 1914     D&HCG-42, CCH-42  
35824 Transfer Caboose   rebuilt from 1907 ACF Boxcar into flanger in late 1940's Colonie yard
Work train
35838         CCH-34  
35842 Wood, End Cupola     Preserved at Schoharie Transportation Museum
Restored by BLHS
35843 Wood     Whitehall, NY
Static Display, USS Ticonderoga Park, near Depot
D&H Chat Group  
35845 Wood, Center cupola       D&HCG-32, CCH-37, IC1-106  
35849       Wilkes Barre, PA 
CNJ Station, Market Street Square
D&H Chat Group, BLB-24, CAB-39  
35850  Bay Window     Jim Thorpe, PA 
Rail Tours Inc.
D&H Chat Group  
35852 Wood, Cupola,  1921   Flemingville, NY 
Tioga Transportation Museum, Lehigh Valley Depot
12 Talcott Street
D&HCG-31, CCH-38  
35853 Wood, Cupola       D&HCG-31  
35855 Wood, End Cupola       SIC-16, 107  
35857 Wood, End Cupola     Jim Thorp, PA
At the rail Station
D&H Chat Group, C&N-57, IC2-123, SIC-120  
35859 Wood, Center Cupola       D&HCG-32  
35865 Wood, Center Cupola        IC1-02, SIC-107  
35872 Wood, Cupola       Rt 9N, Kings Depot, NY toward Crinth D&H Chat Group, CCH-38  
35886  Wood, End Cupola built 1913    Whippany, NJ
Whippany Railway Museum, 201-887-8177
D&H Chat Group  
35887 Wood, Center Cupola       IC1-92  
35894 Wood, End Cupola       SIC-121  
35902 Wood, 4 Side Windows, Center Cupola       C&N-30  
35905 Wood, 4 Side Windows, Center Cupola       C&N-28  
35909 Wood, Center Cupola       D&H-377  
35912       Colonie, NY
Used in the late 80's movie "Ironweeds" Filmed partly at Colonie Yard.
D&H Chat Group  
35916 Wood, No Cupola     Dudley, MA 
Shield's Packing Company, from Otter Valley Railroad
D&H Chat Group  
35917 Wood, Center Cupola       CCH-34, BLB-57  
35921 Wood, Center Cupola       CCH-38, IC1-53  
35922 Wood, No Cupola       CCH-39  
35928       Owned by Richard Phillips, Ellenville, NY.    
35932 Wood, End Cupola     West Barnstable, MA 
as NH, Cape Cod Model Railroad Club, with New Haven wood baggage car
D&H Chat Group, CCH-39  
35940  Wood, End Cupola


  Depot Museum, Hudson, NC CCH-39, IC2-123  
35945  Wood, End Cupola 1911   Current office for de Rham & Company, Inc    

Mt. Pleasant, NY 
Catskill Mountain Railroad, Rt 28, 845-688-7400

D&H Chat Group  
35959 Wood, Cupola     CNJ Station, Market Street Square, Wilkes Barre, PA Scrapped?    
35960 Wood, End Cupola       SIC-17  
35961 Wood, No Cupola       SIC-119  
35962 Wood, Cupola  1925   Scraped, 1973 D&HCG-31  
35974 Wood, End Cupola       IC1-92  
35981 Wood,     Somerset, MA 
Fruit & Bagel Shop, off Rt 6, with coach Nobska, from Hyannis, MA
D&H Chat Group, C&N-46  
35985 Wood, Cupola  1925   West Willington, CT 
Tolland Depot Bank
D&H Chat Group  
35993 Tank Car       D&HCG-122  
36006 Flanger       D&HCG-116  
36037 Flanger       IC1-93  
38004 Ice Breaker       D&HCG-117  
38028 MOW Gondola  1942 ACF 15950-15969 series   D&HCG-123  
39041 Recycle Hopper  1958     D&HCG-125  
39156 Wood, Cupola  3-1910   Perkiomenville, PA 
Crusher Road, .25 miles east of Rt 29
CP 34714       Fort Edward
Yard job
NJ 33 Wood, End Cupola       D&H-377  
NJ 34 Wood, Center Cupola     Delson, Qc.
Canadian Railway Museum
D&H Chat Group  
NJ 36 Wood, End Cupola  1916   Sold to Larry Marnes 03/68 D&HCG-42, CCH-42, IC1-77  
NJ 37 Wood, End Cupola       D&HCG-43, IC1-76  
NJ 38 Wood, Center Cupola   ex Erie Wooden Caboose Speculator, NY CCH-43  
NJ 39 Transfer Caboose   International   D&HCG-43  
NJ 40 Steel, Wide Vision     Saratoga,

Notes: Photo References

BLB          => Bridge Line Blues
BG            => Before Guilford
C&N        => D&H Challengers and Northerns
CAB         => Caboose by Mike Shafer
CCH         => Cabins, Crummies & Hacks
D&HCG   => D&H Color Guide
D&H         => Jim Shaughnessy's D&H
GIL           => Guilford: Five Years of Change
IC1           => D&H In Color #1
IC2           => D&H In Color #2
SIC           => D&H Steam In Color
TRACK    => Trackside with Gerrit Bruins

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