Caboose #35701

The following photos were placed on the Internet to sell this particular caboose.
Current information has this caboose as D&H 35701 which is/was across the street from United Laminations, Mayfield, PA.  The owner is/was C. Overton and current situation of the caboose is still unknown.

Left End Right Side Right End Left Side
Center Isle View Center View Top Down The Center End
Coal Box Coal Box & Bunk Double Bunks Bunk & Closet
Inside Refrigerator Refrigerator Toilet Toilet, Bunk & Closet
Track Release Control Diagram Whistle
Caboose Truck Truck Close-up Coupler Coupler View Top

Updated 20 January 2003

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Photographs and Information supplied by C Overton
Additional information supplied by Jim Odell,  John A. Shaw and the Bridge Line Historical Society
Rail graphics supplied by Kenneth E. Houghton, John A. Shaw, Roland O'Connell and the Bridge Line Historical Society

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