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Town of Hudson, NC Depot Museum
D&H Caboose #35940

 In our quest to determine the fate of all of the property of the Delaware and Hudson Railway, we find a real gem that in our estimation deserves special attention. Such is the case of Delaware and Hudson Railway Caboose #35940.

Caboose #35940 started out life as one of wood side, end cupola caboose only found on the D&H

Caboose #35940 was acquired by the Town of Hudson, NC in 2000 from John Gummo of Pennsylvania.

The following photos show interior shots after initial clean up in 2000. (Click on any photo to see a larger view)

Updated:  31 December, 2007

D&H Sheild

Photographs and Information supplied by Rebecca Bentley, Town Manager for the Town of Hudson, NC
Additional information supplied by Jim Odell,  John A. Shaw and the Bridge Line Historical Society
Rail graphics supplied by Kenneth E. Houghton, John A. Shaw, Roland O'Connell and the Bridge Line Historical Society

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