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D&H Baggage Car #405
(GM&O #457)


(Car #405 exterior just after painting in 1998)

 In our quest to determine the fate of all of the property of the Delaware and Hudson Railway, we find a real gem that in our estimation deserves special attention. Such is the case of Delaware and Hudson Railway Baggage Car #405.

Light Weight Baggage Car #405 started out life as one of 25 cars ordered from the American Car Foundry and delivered in October, 1957.  Within a few years, the express business was lost to trucks and the new baggage cars were no longer needed.  Between 1962 and 1964, 10 cars went to the Missouri Pacific (MP) and 15 to the Gulf, Mobile and Ohio (GM&O).  Car #405 went to the GM&O and was renumbered #457.  In 1972, the GM&O merged with the Illinois Central (IC).  Since the advent of Amtrak, the express baggage cars were again in the dilemma of not being needed for their original purpose.  Car #405 soon found itself used for storage by the IC signal department.

Car #405 was acquired by the Monticello Railway Museum in 1995. Members had been keeping an eye on it and were interested in getting it. When the IC was cleaning out the facility at Urbana, the museum was told they could look at the items to be discarded in case they could use anything. When asked about the D&H, they were told it was scheduled for scrap and it was too late to change the order.  However, the museum had a friend at the IC and arraignments were made to buy it for scrap value.  The picture at right shows the condition the car was received in.

The following photos show interior shots after initial clean up in 1995. (Click on any photo to see a larger view)

(Not the most private place for a toilet.)

This picture shows new flooring being installed.

The car is now used to hold various displays and has had a heating and cooling unit installed.  All the interior partitions and heating coils were removed and the electrical panel moved from the side of the car to the end. The air handler is visible over the door and brake wheel to right of door

The floor never looked so good even when new and the bathroom facilities were relocated in a more private place (another building).  These shots were taken between exhibits so the display boards are blank in the photos above. 

Updated:  April 2, 2005

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