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D&H PA-4 #16

Two of Delaware and Hudson's famous Alco PA's #16 & #18 lead the southbound Adirondack through Mechanicville, NY on February 14th, 1976. Photo by Gary Zuters, copyright 1976,1995, all rights reserved. Scan by John Reay.  Obtained from CompuServe TrainNet and used by permission.
An interesting feature of Delaware and Hudson's PA #17 is the different grill work behind the cab. Originally the unit had the same trim and grill work as the other units, but shortly before the unit was sold to the D&H, Santa Fe modified it to match newer PA-2's.

D&H PA-4 #17

D&H PA-4 #18

D&H Unit # 18 resting between assignments. ©Copyright Corel, 1994
D&H Unit #19 at Montreal's Windsor Station{Gary Overfield Collection} (George Elwood's Site)

D&H PA-4 #18

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Locomotive Numbers:

ALCO - PA-1 (Class P-20)

Number (1):
Number (2):
Number (3):
Builder: Builder Number: Date Built: Date Received: Date Rebuilt: Rebuilt By: Date Retired/Sold:
ATSF / 59L   D&H / 16 ALCo 76535 10/1948 12/1967 5/1975 M-K 1978
ATSF / 60L   D&H / 17 ALCo 76537 11/1948 12/1967 10/1975 M-K 1978
ATSF / 62L   D&H / 18 ALCo 76541 12/1948 12/1967 8/1975 M-K 1978
ATSF / 54B ATSF / 66L D&H / 19 ALCo 75318 5/1947 12/1967 2/1975 M-K 1978
NYNHH / 0783     ALCo 76325 3/1949 2/1968     Scraped 1972

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Locomotive Specifications:

PA-1 Specifications PA-4 Specifications
Engine: 16-244 12-251F
Trucks:  A-1-A A-1-A
Truck Type: ALCo/GE ALCo/GE
Fuel (gals.): 1,260 1,260
Sand(CuFt): 22 22
Water (gals): 280 280
Weight(lbs): 317,900 317,900
Horsepower: 2,000 2,400
Traction Motors: GE E752E6 GE E752E6
Tractive Effort @ 19mph: 33,600 33,600
Gearing: 61:22 61:22

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Locomotive Information:

Obtained from the Santa Fe in 1968, and painted in a blue version of the "War Bonnet" scheme, the four ALCO PA-1's were used to upgrade the power on passenger trains between Albany and Montreal and then later became part of a preservation project under the guidance of Carl B. Sterzing Jr., Chief Executive of the Delaware and Hudson.

Rebuilt by Morrison-Knudsen in 1974, to PA-4 specifications, with the newer Alco 12 cylinder Model 251 prime mover replacing their older 16 cylinder model. Along with normal freight duty, they participated in public relations ventures and railfan trips until the end of Mr. Sterzing's tenure, including a sojourn with the MBTA pulling passenger trains out of South Station Boston. They were later shipped to Mexico on a long term lease in 1978 - 17 is still in working order with the FNM (Ferrocarilles del Pacifico) and numbered DH-17.

#16 was named M.A. Davis (Chief Road Foreman) and #18 was named G.W. Hockaday (Chief Mechanical Engineer). The D&H owned a fifth PA, the ex-New Haven 0783, which was used for spare parts.

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