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Unit #5012 at Colonie, NY 9-28-71
D&H RS-36 #5012

D&H RS36 #5013 in Coloinie

Unit #5013 at Colonie, NY in January of 1982
Jim Bachorz Collection, used with permission.

 Unit #5014 at Colonie, NY 7-25-76

D&H RS-36 #5014

D&H RS-36 #5015

Delaware & Hudson RS36's # 5015 sporting the experimental paint scheme never adopted. Fred Cheney, Chief Mechanical Officer, Iowa Interstate Railroad (formerly CMO D&H 1979 to 1982) reports "#5015 is alive and well on the Iowa Interstate Railroad as IAIS #900. After a few false starts, it seems to be running well now, assigned lately to the Council Bluffs, Iowa yard." National Railway Equipment in Silvis, Illinois bought D&H RS-11's #5002 and 5009, and RS-36's # 5017, 5022 and 5023. Iowa Interstate Railroad was hoping to get the 5023 on the Iowa Interstate, but unfortunately, a change in management precluded any further purchases of the ALCOs. The only one of that group saved was #5017, which went to the Ulster and Delaware. Unfortunately, the rest have been cut up or are in the process of being cut.  Scan by John Shaw. Photo by Ronald High. Copyright 1994, Obtained from Bob's Photo and used by permission.

Unit #5016 Colonie, NY - May/77 - 
{Greg Dickinson Photo} (George Elwood's Site)

D&H RS-36 #5016

D&H RS-36 #5017

 Unit #5017 Outside of the Colonie shops 1/22/77.  #5017 went to the Ulster and Delaware where it is still running under D&H Colors.

D&H 5017 under power pulling a “Thomas the Tank Engine” kid’s fan train out of Arkville on the Delaware & Ulster running to Halcottsville/Roxbury. The place was swarming with kids all enthusiastic about“Thomas” at the other end—but what a thrill it was to see live Lightning Stripe motive power!

D&H 5017
D&H 5017
D&H 5017
D&H 5017

Unit #5018 Outside of the Colonie shops 1/22/77.
Photographer:Paul De Luca   

D&H RS-36 #5018

D&H RS36 #5019
Unit #5019
Photographer: Jim Odell, used by permission

Delaware & Hudson RS36's # 5020 & 5016 work a local freight northbound out of Fort Edwards, NY. Scan by Dorr Altizer. Photo by Ken Houghton. Copyright 1994, Houghton's Houghton's RailImages, Copyright 1995. Obtained from CompuServe TrainNet and used by permission.

D&H RS-36 #5020

D&H RS-36 #5021

Unit #5021 at Colonie, NY 7-25-1977

 Unit #5022 

D&H RS-36 #5023
The 5023 appears to have a fairly fresh paint job, although it is non-standard - no roadname appears on the side under the number. This loco is seen at Kenwood Yard, Albany, NY in May 89, in company with one of the 'Designated Operators' Dash 8-40B locos, and a Guilford scheme D&H (no 'G') GP38-2 #223. Reproduced from a Bill Mischler slide ©copyright. Used by permission.

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Locomotive Roster:

ALCO (DL-701)- RS-36 (Class ARS-18)

Road Number: Builder: Builder Number: Date Built: Date Retired/Sold:
5012 ALCo 84394 1/1963  
5013 ALCo 84395 1/1963 scrap. date?
5014 ALCo 84396 1/1963 sold 3/1988
5015 ALCo 84397 1/1963 sold 10/1988
5016 ALCo 84398 1/1963 sold 2/1995
5017 ALCo 84399 1/1963  
5018 ALCo 84400 1/1963  
5019 ALCo 84401 1/1963  
5020 ALCo 84402 2/1963 sold 3/1988
5021 ALCo 84403 2/1963 sold 3/1988
5022 ALCo 84404 2/1963 retired 10/1993
5023 ALCo 84405 2/1963 retired 10/1993

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Locomotive Specifications:

Engine: 251C
Trucks: B-B
Truck Type: AAR-B
Fuel (gals.):  
5012-5023   Weight(lbs): 259,800
Horsepower: 1,800
Traction Motors:  
Tractive Effort: 72,000
Gearing: 74:18

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Locomotive Information:

In 1963, the D&H traded in an additional 12 aging RS-3's to ALCO for the new - 1800hp units. What they received was the improved RS-36 Model. All were received with chopped short hoods and in the classic D&H Lightning stripe livery.

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